Johnna Scrabis

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Johnna Scrabis is an Upright Citizens Brigade teacher and improviser on the Harold team Fluffty, which you can see Tuesdays at the UCB Chelsea Theatre. In 2017, she was a quarter-finalist for NBC's Writers on the Verge program as well as a second-round finalist at the Austin Film Festival. In 2016, her comedic web series Unhappy Epilogues, which Johnna co-wrote, was one of only ten finalists selected to pitch to development executives at Montreal's Just For Laughs' Web Comedy Pitch Program. Johnna also attended the 2016 New York International Short Film Festival as the lead in the comedy short A Chick Called Wanda, which won best comedy. Johnna has written and performed on the political late night show, NY2: We’re Also the News, which focused on topical sketches, as well as Everyone's Favorite Game Show, which was character-driven and ran for three years at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Johnna has written and directed sketches for Ibish Comedy, written and hosted headline news content for the comedic news app Oh Say Nation, and additionally wrote for the small-town political parody digital series Seppuwa Falls. Currently, in addition to teaching and performing, Johnna is finishing her second feature film and working as a freelance writer for justWink Comedic Greeting Cards.

Upcoming Shows:

Tuesdays: Harold Night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - 307 West 26th Street


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